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Monthly Purse Giveaway 

Bougie Booth will give away one guaranteed authentic purse every month and all you have to do is make a purchase off our site.  We will provide you a raffle number upon your purchase and automatically enter you into a drawing.

It's That Simple! It's Our Way of Showing Great Savings of Up To 50% and A Truly Awesome Way to Get Rewarded With A Chance To Get A Designer Purse for Free!

Q: How would you like a chance to get a Free Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Tory Burch or Michael Kors every month?  A: Every month for each purchase you make we will send you a ticket number and enter you into a drawing.  The first business day of the next month we will pull a number and announce the winner.   It could be you !!

  • Michael Kors - Tory Burch - Gucci - Louis Vuitton - Coach - Kate Spade


Q: How Does This Purse Giveaway Work?  A: Its simple. Anyone that buys an item off our Bougie Booth site will get an entry for that month.    We pull a number first business day of the month and the winner selects a number 1 to 6 on which brand they get to pick

Q: If I buy more than one item do I get multiple entries?  A: Yes

Q: When is the drawing?  A: The first business day of the next month.  We will announce the winner

Q: Which Purse do I get to choose?  A: The winner selects a number between 1 to 6 and that determines which brand they get to select off the Bougie Booth site.  Its simple and fun 

Sample Purses

Tory 1.jpeg
mk 4.jfif
Tory 2.jpeg
Tory 3.jpeg
Toey 4.webp
MK 1.jfif
mk 3.jfif
MK 2.jfif
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